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My Winter Causebox came! If you are not familiar with Causebox; let me give you a quick introduction! I am an annual member; so I get 4 customizable boxes a year that are filled with high quality products that give back. Each product is ethically made, sustainable sourced, and a big importance to me; crueltyContinue reading “CAUSEBOX”


Dear 2020, With such a crazy, upside down year; where do I begin? I guess, I will just say thank you. Thank you for more family time, for the small moments, and for helping us see that those moments are the most important. Thank you for my husband, Mark, being able to continue work butContinue reading “2020”

Why Hello!

It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything, I have been busy over here. I had my first ever vendor tent at a local pumpkin farm so I have been preparing for that! Now that the event is over I figured it was a good time to jump back on here andContinue reading “Why Hello!”