The Mama behind Creative Mama With a Mission

I am Anna, and I am the mama behind Creative Mama with a Mission.
As of this post, I am a mom to 1 beautiful girl and I have been married for almost 2 years. Along with being the CEO of our house as a SAHM, I am also a designer with a DIY Home Decor Company; Chalk Couture and a JuicePlus Representative.

Social media and I have had a rough relationship in the past. I love the ability to connect with people and to share anything and everything with them but that, at times for me, it can cause some mental anguish. I have sense learned to limit who I follow and what I share….but I always wanted a way to be able to share what I love and my passion behind it. Thus Creative Mama With a Mission was born.

For years I never thought I would have my own blog. But, having followed and learned from other teammates, I started to see this new opportunity for me as I have always been more open when it comes to sharing my thoughts through pen and paper – or keyboard and screen- than I have face to face.

I hope you’ll stick around for more of what’s to come, and check back often. This site will be the hub of getting to know me, and what I love most – crafting, creating, and helping my family and friends live a healthier life.


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