Creative Side

I have always loved crafting from DIY projects to step by step projects either at home or at an art studio. I own a Cricut and I love making gifts or home decor using my machine. My Cricut was my go to when I wanted to create. Then, a friend on Facebook shared a project she made using Chalk Couture. I was sold with her project and made my 1st purchase of the Donut Give Up transfer and a couple paste colors.

At this point, all I knew was I was very intrigued about this company and it’s products. I did some research, asked my friend a ton of questions, and watched a few more of her demos. I then took the step in January of 2019 and became a Designer with Chalk Couture.

Since taking that step I have found the craft/activity I never knew I was missing. Chalk Couture has everything you need to create beautiful DIY home decor, gifts, or anything else you can find to decorate. I have decorated anything you can think of from my dishwasher for the holidays to a framed chalkboard with a motivational saying!

Chalk Couture is my me time, the thing I turn to while I am overwhelmed or anxious. It allows me to be creative and make what comes to my head or I can create the project Chalk Couture has on display in the catalog. Either direction I take, I come out of my me time happy with my project and ready to finish the day ahead.

This is my first post about Chalk Couture and it for sure will not be my only one. I hope you enjoy my future projects and join me on my Facebook business page for some live demo’s (the picture above will bring you there)

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