Mama’s Mission

I have always tried to eat healthy and stay active but I never seemed to be able to always stay consistent with both. I would either eat super healthy while watching my intake of junk and fast food or I would be active daily and not always eat right to support my active lifestyle. Once I became a mom I knew I had to focus on both of these together to be the best I could be for my daughter. I started spending more time in the produce section when shopping and started to meal plan more dinners at home than eating out. Now, I am not saying eating out is not healthy BUT, when we eat out we always tend to indulge and go outside of our healthy eating.

Flash back 3 years ago. I had a conversation with a family friend regarding how I felt when I took vitamins – nauseous if I didn’t take them right after eating but otherwise did not really feel a difference if I took them consistently or not – and how I was trying to eat better but felt like it was always a struggle. She shared information about JuicePlus, their 30+ Clinical Research studies that have been done that show the benefits of taking JuicePlus in some form, and her personal experience with the products. I ordered that night and I started making morning shakes with JuicePlus Complete to get those nutrients and protein I was missing from whole foods.

Once I started a consistent routine of having a Complete shake daily, I started to notice a difference in how I felt. My energy was up and I noticed how I started craving certain foods over others. Less junk food was being eaten and more whole food snacks were been chosen instead.

Fast forward a year. My life was busy. I was a new mom, and I was adjusting to not working for the first time since I was 16. Now, these shakes are beyond easy to make – throw one scoop of the Complete into a blender with a frozen banana and my favorite almond/coconut milk, mix, and then drink. Super easy right?! Even with how easy they are to make I started slacking on taking my shakes and I eventually just stopped making them altogether.

My friend didn’t push or force different products on me but I continued to follow her business and would make a Complete shake here and there when I saw a new recipe that sparked my eye. But, after a year, I realized I needed to be putting more whole foods into my body than I was so I reached out and started taking the Capsules and I have been for the last year. Every time I take my capsules I am putting 20 different fruits and vegetables into my body (see image below) and my body is thanking me. My energy is up, I am not as sick as the rest of my family or friends when they catch something or I do not get sick at all. I notice a difference in how I feel if I miss a couple days of not taking my Capsules but nothing like I felt when I was taking those other vitamins. My daughter also gets the benefits of the capsules when I mix the blend into her oatmeal or yogurt.

Because of my experience with JuicePlus, I decided to join and share all the whole food benefits JuicePlus offers, and help people FUEL their bodies for the health, healing, vitality & the FUTURE they ask of that body they live in! I help people with education and coaching along with connecting them to raw, vine ripened, pesticide, herbicide and GERM FREE whole foods in a capsule, Gummie, or smoothie. I am loving having healthier and happier people around me!

THAT is why I am a Creative Mama on a Mission! It is what I do and why I recommend JuicePlus! Can you relate to any part of this?! Want to know more? Reach out, I love sharing my story and the now 40+ clinical studies that back JuicePlus!

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