Same Storm

Illinois’s stay-at-home order has been extended from April 30th to May 30th. Not going to lie, this caused severe anxiety for me even knowing it was probably going to happen. I am starting to run out of ways to keep my daughter occupied at home as I am sure most parents are. I know that she is at a young age where she probably will not remember this stage of her life aside from hearing stories about it later in life but it breaks my heart hearing her say that we can’t go to the zoo, or as she calls it “The Monkey House”, because people are sick.

I have been avoiding Facebook more lately but, was able to get through this recent anxiety attack after I read a statement from someone on there. She said “We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat”. This could not be more accurate. We are all riding out the same storm but all of our boats look 100% different. That small statement made me sit back and think about everything and realize how grateful and fortunate my family is. Along with being healthy, my husband’s company is ‘essential’ and he is still working thus we do not have that worry about our bills like some of my family and friends have.

Even though I LOVE my breaks and me time, I realize how lucky I am for my time at home with our daughter as a SAHM. So, in retro spec, our daily routine and lives have not changed aside from our trips out to places and her scheduled activities. So, our boat we are on during this storm hasn’t really changed. But, my family and friend’s boats have changed. Some have changed due to not working now or because some have not received any of the support others have through unemployment and the stimulus check. Many of my friends and family are juggling working from home while also now being a teacher for their kids. I have family and friends who own their own business so they are stressed while juggling everything that comes along with owning a business on top of not having any money coming in.

So, even through we are in this storm together, and as we navigate the storm we are in, please do not say “We are all in the same boat” because honestly we are not. Reach out to those who are in a different boat than you and offer any help that you reasonably can without upsetting your boat. My family has been doing this by getting food from locally owned restaurants, offering food or supplies to our family and friends, and checking in with those who are adjusting to their new normal at home.

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