This past week was Hydration Week with my JuicePlus team. Aside from my morning cup of coffee, and some times an afternoon one, all I have during the day is water. The minimum I drink each day is 48oz but I always try for more. During Hydration week I challenged myself to drink more everyday, and then, make it my new minimum daily intake.

During hydration week, I started each day with a large glass of water, sometimes with lemon, to get a start on my goal, rehydrate my body, and jump start my metabolism. My goal was at least 64 oz/daily then my plan was to continue that intake as I took the baby steps to reach half my body weight in ounces.

I missed my minimum 4 out of the 7 days. One day I was out doing errands, following my areas social distance guidelines, so I limited my intake due to not having access to bathrooms while out. The other days I have no reason/excuse, just wasn’t drinking my water. The other 3 days I was drinking with and without my drinking reminders from the Water Time app I started using. Those 3 days I noticed an increase in energy, my skin looked and felt better, and I felt more alert those 3 days.

On those 3 days, I found that I reached my daily minimum plus some because I had a water bottle I liked. I also added some fresh fruit or fresh mint to it to add some flavor. I made sure I had at least half of my minimum ounce intake gone by mid day. I would drink the rest before dinner, if possible, so I was not running to the bathroom instead of sleeping!!

What I have learned from this hydration week was that I was not as hydrated as I thought I was. On the days I missed my minimum ounce intake, aside from the opposite of the positive side effects I mentioned above, I noticed my hands felt dryer and I was tired. Crazy to think I never tied my water intake to my energy level. I also noticed that my daughter, who is 2, was drinking more because she saw me drinking.

Why did I share all this?! Because I know that I am not the only one out there who didn’t think to tie my hydration level to negatives in my life. Drinking more water and staying hydrated will make your life so much better by not only giving you more energy but by aiding in weight loss, helping you think clearer, and you’ll see it in the glow of your skin. Water will also help lessen headaches AND joint pain!

Join me in the challenge to drink more water and to hit that ounce goal EVERY day!


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