Banana Bread

When I am stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious I turn to cooking and baking. I do not know what it is but cooking or baking always makes me feel better. It can be something as simple as making pasta sauce or something with a few more steps like oatmeal cookies or a cake.

Today, I was following my cleaning schedule – bathroom Tuesday here today ugh! – and, when I finished, I was picking up a few of my daughter’s toys she left in the kitchen when I noticed our bananas were not looking so fresh any more. Decided to make some banana bread; perfect recipe to make the house smell yummy on the cold, rainy day we had.

I followed a Juice Plus recipe using Dutch Chocolate Complete for a healthy, plant-based bread.  This isn’t my usual go to recipe as it’s kicked up with the addition of protein! The recipe calls for French Vanilla Complete but I switched up the Complete flavor because we usually add chocolate chips to our banana bread so decided to give it a bit more chocolate flavor with the Complete. Love the options Complete has. Not only can I make delicious smoothies but I can bake with it too!

Find the Recipe here!

Interested in learning more about what Juice Plus has to offer? Let me know!

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