She is Awesome

I always wondered what I would say if I had a daughter when it came to encouraging her or boosting her self esteem. Ever since our daughter was born, even when she was still an infant, I was aware of how I was speaking and how I spoke about myself when speaking out loud. I never want her to second guess herself or compare herself because of something she overheard me say about myself. I have no words that describe what it means to me having that little girl in my life. 

When it came time to decorate her room, I knew I wanted positive affirmations incorporated in the decor some how. When Chalk Couture released the You Are Awesome transfer this past spring; I knew that was the exact decoration I was looking for.

The surface is a Wood Painting Panel that I painted an off-white before I applied the You Are Awesome transfer using Chalkology Shimmering Silver. The whole project took me about 30 minutes to complete due to having to wait for the paint to fully dry before applying the transfer.

I hope my daughter never second guesses or forgets how awesome, smart, wonderful, beautiful and loved she is!

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