How I stay on top of cleaning

This saying could not be more accurate. I only have 1 child but I feel like I am constantly picking up something every time I turn around. This past year, we moved from a 2 story house with no storage, aside from the attic, to a 3 story house with storage available on every floor!

Along with figuring out how to organize things, I had find a cleaning schedule that worked for me around my daughter’s schedule. I didn’t want one that took up her whole nap time because I use that time as my ‘me time’ during the day. It took me a week or 2 to tweak the cleaning routine I had from our old house because we added 1 more bedroom and 1 more bathroom to my cleaning duties on top of more square footage.

I finally came up with the schedule that is working for me.

My daily cleaning consists of picking-up, vacuuming the main floor since that is where we primarily are the most during the day, cleaning and picking up the kitchen, and doing any laundry that is needed. The cleaning chore I have noticed I struggle with the most is vacuuming upstairs mainly because I do my cleaning during nap time. But, I have started to work it in on those days after she wakes up from her nap or in the evening before bedtime.

I know I am not the only one who despises cleaning or who struggles with doing it so I thought I would share what is working for me and our household. I am still working on organizing but I always see some new way to store/organize so I am playing around with new ideas until I find the ones that work best for what I need. Even though my routine works, it is still a work in progress so I would love to hear how you handle these chores in your household.

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