My Top 5 Uses for Reusable Bags

When grocery shopping, I used to always request paper bags when available because those plastic bags are my archnemesis. A big plastic bag filled with smaller ones sits in my garage that I grab once in a while and recycle at one of my local stores. Thankfully, that big bag of plastic has been smaller and, sometimes, nonexistent because I received a reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag in the mail as a giveaway. I use it every shopping trip and I also use it for other things.

Here are my Top 5 Uses for Reusable bags.

  1. Grocery Shopping
  2. Gift Giving
  3. Swim Bag
  4. Picnics
  5. Car diaper station

Grocery Shopping: I have my favorite cooler bags and 5 or 6 eco-friendly/reusable shopping bags with me every grocery trip. I even have a collapsible box one that is sturdy enough for larger items like laundry detergent or multiple canned goods. The store I shop at encourages it too with money off for each bag used. One of my cooler bags, I purchased from the grocery store, is my favorite because it is perfect size for pizzas! I found one online similar to it here!
I realized I had less plastic shopping bags balled up in my garage but I was adding to that ball thanks to the plastic bags from the produce section so I started shopping around for non-plastic produce bags to add to my grocery shopping ‘kit’. I am super particular when it comes to reusable bags for produce. But, I would high recommend these! They are super durable; I am not afraid of them tearing or stretching. The metal clasp was easy for cashier to quickly open to scan produce. I followed the directions upon receiving them and washed them before use. They washed nicely with no issues which is another plus! And, they store small too! I put all the bags into the largest pull close produce bag and store with my other reusable shopping bags.

Gift Giving: I have a box filled with gift bags that we have received that I dig through for each celebration instead of buying a new one. I started using reusable bags when that box did not have one for the needed celebration. They are the right size and there are ones available with the popular characters children love. My daughter received a Disney Frozen one and now she uses all around the house to carry her stuffed animals in; it is the cutest.

Swim Bag: My daughter takes swim lessons, well she did before COVID, she has not been in a pool since March. But, when she did have lessons, I was always running around trying to organize her stuff before running out the door. I had an over night bag we were using for the longest time but it was just so big and I did not need a bag that big. I then decided to try one of my reusable shopping bags and have been using one every lesson now. It is the perfect size to hold her towel, a clean diaper for after lessons, and her goggles. And, when she is in the pool, her clothes and shoes are all in one spot making it easy for me to keep track of and carry. You could easily find a cute beach, pool, fish, or ocean themed one to go along with whatever water activity you have planned.

Picnic: I have always thought picnic baskets were super cute but we have never taken an actual picnic using a picnic basket – mainly because I don’t own one and the ones I find super cute are expensive. I have packed lunches for when we have an all day outing at a park and have used a reusable bag to transport it all. I have one that has a plastic insert for the bottom giving the bag more stability. I layered our food putting our drinks and heavier items on the bottom and topping our bag with chips and fruit. My cooler bags have also been used on hotter days and I take the plastic insert from my other bag and use it in my cooler bag for that extra stability.

Car Diaper Station: Whenever we are out and about I always have my diaper bag with me and it is well stocked (usually). I have had the unlucky experience of needing a diaper while in the middle of errands and not having one so I try to not pull from the diaper bag when at parks or a change in the car in-between errands. I found a smaller reusable bag and I loaded it up with diapers, a pack of wipes, and an extra outfit. This is the bag I use for the in-between store changes and, when we are outside at a park, I can throw in the sunscreen and just carry that bag with me instead of the diaper bag that is loaded with everything else. You can easily find one that matches your child’s favorite things or one that matches something you love.

Do you have a favorite use for a reusable bag? Let me know what it is; always looking for new uses! Thanks for reading and following me!

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