Summer activities means breaking out a sunscreen routine. My daughter, for 2.5 years old, is pretty good at knowing she needs sunscreen before we play outside. I tell her to go sit on the bench in our entryway and she goes all excited knowing she gets to play outside. Then we start the 5-8ish minutes of applying sunscreen. She does pretty good until it comes to her face; then she becomes a wiggle worm! Not sitting still, looking every which way but at me; causing me to spread the sunscreen into her hair and even up her nose one time! Some days are better than others when it comes to her wiggling but other days our poor bench usually has a light layer of sun protection on it from her wiggling.

The sunscreen we use is either Babyganics 50 SPH or Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection. We have had no issues with either brand by following the directions regarding reapplying. We use the Babyganics Sunscreen Stick for applying to our daughter’s face or we have some sunscreen in our hands then apply to her face using our fingers. That process changed today thanks to a #MomHack I came across on Facebook that was shared by a mom named Hali.
She shared how she used a beauty blender to apply her son’s sunscreen and I immediately said “Why didn’t I think of that?!”.

I linked Hali’s original post here

I found a cheap package of beauty blenders and let my daughter pick out the color she wanted me to use; purple. Applying to her face was so much easier! She sat so still while I applied sunscreen to her face and even told my husband about her “new purple sponge” when we got outside! Calling this a win and so glad I came across this mom hack from Hali.

How do your kids handle the sunscreen routine? Have any #momhacks or #dadhacks that have worked for you when applying sun protection? Please share because I am always looking to add to my bag of tricks!

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