“Our Mission is to bring sustainable and ethical products to everyone”

I am an annual subscription box member with CAUSEBOX. With this subscription I get to customize each of the 4 boxes I receive during the year. CAUSEBOX has two goals; build a community of women who support women, and to help people like me discover products that are ethical and sustainable. You can find out more on how CAUSEBOX gives back here.

Over the last few weeks, CAUSEBOX has been giving sneak-peaks on their Instagram account of what would be in the Summer Box and to give more information on the products. For the Summer Box, I had 7 different products; 2 products I picked and 5 other products that every box contained. My Summer CAUSEBOX came this week and I want to share what I received!

  1. Pepper+Vetiver Nesting Bowls

These Oceania Nesting Bowls were designed in partnership with a LA based artist Erin Wolf. The 3 bowls are blended with blue-green hues and my photo does not give them justice; they are GORGEOUS! Pepper+Vetiver‘s belief is that your home should be a “safe haven that brings you warmth and serenity.” Each purchase of these nesting bowls “supports the Malala Fund with their effort to provide girls from all cultures and backgrounds with a sense of comfort and opportunity in this world. There are 130 million girls out of school and the Malala Fund works to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to learn and lead”. If you are not following my Instagram page; head over there now to see a picture of these bowls and start following me!

2. Feya Candle Co. Bergamot & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

This was one of the products of the Summer Box that I was able to customize by picking the scent I would receive. I am so happy with the Bergamot & Grapefuit scent I picked; it is fresh and not over powering. Feya Candle Co. “partners with organizations working to improve communities around the world.” When Feya gives food, they work alongside organizations to boost the local economy, and help in any way they can to serve the food to those who need it most. Love how this company gives back!

3. Savhere Essential Oil Roll-On Duo

These rollers from Savhere were one of my customized items for being an Annual Member. These two rollers have “distinct personalities”. Tracy’s Grace adds a note of calm while Secret Zest provides energy. Every essential oil purchased contributes to “dignified employment for the brave survivors of sexual exploitation in India and the United States”. I am excited to use these; especially Tracy’s Grace at night when it is time to relax and settle into bed.

4. Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This was a product everyone received in their box. Grace & Stella‘s Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps moisturize and smooth lines while leaving skin radiant. Grace & Stella provides high quality, vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free products that work. I am excited to give this a try as I have never used Hyaluronic Serum before.

5. Altcooking Hub Silicone Stretch Lids

This 6 pack of Silicone Stretch Lids are just what I was looking for to add to my eco-friendly products that I use around my house. Altcooking created these to reduce plastic and food waste. These are leak free, durable, reusable, and dishwasher safe! In the CAUSEBOX Summer magazine, these were shown covering a halved watermelon! I am excited to see how these help my family decrease our food waste!

6. Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm is an all natural alternative that uses only 3 ingredients! This Balm is vegan, plant-based, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free. And this Healing Balm has multiple uses from chapped lips and severe dry skin to tattoo care and baby cream. Head to their website to learn even more uses and more information about the product. Excited to use this on my hands and my eczema.

7. PMD Beauty: Clean

This smart facial cleansing device was one item we were able to customize by choosing the color we received. I was so excited to see this was going to be in the Summer box because I needed a new cleansing device to add to my routine because I knew the facial brush I was using was too harsh on my skin. The PMD Clean uses SonicGlow™ technology that vibrates 7,000 times per minute!! I love the anti-aging massage side when applying my moisturizer because I feel like it is absorbed more by my skin compared to when I applied using a beauty blender.

This Summer box is my 5th box I have received and I am not stopping anytime soon! I love all the products I have received and the background behind all the companies.

Is there a product I received that you want me to provide a review for as I use it more? Let me know, I would be happy to provide my feedback and opinions on these 7 products.

Interested in getting your own box? Sign up here and get $10 off!!

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