S’more Love

Everyone has their go to dessert; their guilty pleasure, and mine is a s’more. As soon as it gets warm out; I go and buy supplies so they are on hand whenever we have a spontaneous bonfire. At times, I have been desperate and ‘roasted’ my marshmallow with a lighter and melted it all together with the microwave! #nojudgement

So, when Chalk Couture came out with this Love You S’more transfer I knew I had to have it.

See how I made this here!

I used the Love You S’more transfer, Bright White, Iced Coffee, Black Velvet, Shimmer Gold Chalkology Pastes, mini squeegees, and a 16″ chalk board I found at a local craft store. I had so much fun creating with this transfer and what I used is only part of the transfer so the projects are endless! You might be asking where the Shimmer Gold is. I was out of Bark Chalkology Paste for the chocolate bar so I mixed Black Velvet and Shimmer Gold together to get the perfect shade of chocolate! That is one thing I love about the Chalkology Paste; the color possibilities are endless since you can mix colors together.

How do you make s’mores? The traditional way (graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate bar) or do you mix it up? I have seen s’mores made with cookies instead of graham crackers and I have seen other candy used instead of the traditional chocolate bar. Share how you make yours because I am always up for a new version of my go to dessert!

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