I have been saying for months now I need to focus on me, my health, and my physical activities. I decided to finally do something about it by doing my first ever Shred10 with JuicePlus+. The Shred10® program is a “do-able jump-start to better health”. While completing the Shred program, there are 10 simple guidelines to follow while focusing on “clean living” and flooding my body with “whole food nutrition”. I followed 9/10 guidelines; this mama needs her daily coffee! My 10 day Shred was July 7th – July 16th.

Day 1-5: July 7th-11th

Day 1 was our first day back from spending time away social distancing at my parents lake cabin. We had limited groceries in the house because of this, so I was unsure how my Day 1 would go. Surprisingly, it went pretty well! I had my daily capsules, a Complete Shake for breakfast and lunch, and I had a salad as my dinner. Day 2 through 5 went just as easy. The only struggle I had was curbing my snacking/desserts. I turned to the Shred recipe book and I made Lemon Coconut protein bites, Complete Cookie dough, and I found a new love for sweet peppers dipped in garlic hummus.

Visit the Shred10 website to learn more about this program

Day 6-10: July 12th-16th

I was not doing this for weight loss but decided to step on that dreaded scale and see if there was a number difference to go along with how I felt. And, to my surprise, there was a 4 lbs difference! I was noticing my clothing fitting a bit different and was contributing it to less bloating because I had decreased my beer/wine intake! But, as I sat back and thought about everything I realized I not only decreased my processed food intake while increasing my whole food intake but I also curbed my snacking drastically. Both clean eating and curbing my snacking are both life choices I plan on continuing after these 10 days.

Along with realizing I dropped 4 lbs, these last 5 days were fun for me because I was able to grocery shop based on the yummy Shred meals from the recipe book. My favorite recipe I made was the Veggie Fried Rice. I made some sweet and sour chicken to go along with it for my husband and daughter. I knew it was a hit because my daughter asked for seconds!

Visit the Shred10 website to learn more about this program

I also increased my activity level these last 5 days by either walking or doing yard work during nap to taking the whole family to the local state park to get our miles in. We had dinner outside of the house once this week and I felt terrible and fatigued the rest of the night for the carb/gluten overload that my body was not used to. I followed up the next day with a Complete Shake for breakfast and lunch, water all day, and a salad for dinner and was amazed at how much better I felt.

Today, July 16th is the end of my 10 days. I weighed myself again and I am down a total of 8lbs since I started and can honestly say I feel great! I was unsure of what to expect when completing this Shred10® but I am happy I did this. I am going to continue replace at least one meals a day with Complete Shakes and limit my gluten intake but not completely eliminate it from my diet because I love the way I feel and want to continue to feel this way.

Have you completed a Shred or a diet change that you are continuing because of the positive change you saw? Share with me because I would love to hear about it. Are you interested in completing a Shred10®? Let me know because we have another 10 days lined up in August and would love for you to join!

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