Must have for roadtrips!

We are a two vehicle family. Neither one of our vehicles has a built-in dvd player so, because a movie or a favorite show makes road trips a better experience for the whole family, we have been rigging an old portable dvd player to a suitcase, dog cage, or head rest on long road trips. I have looked into headrest mount cases for it, but because it is an older unit, it was too bulky for them. Because of the dvd players age and hassle setting it up in the car, I have been searching and asking mommy friends for recommendations for a new one.

During my searching, I came across this one.

This portable dvd player by Apeman comes with everything you need to have a successful road trip! It has a 10.5″ screen that rotates and folds flat to cover the buttons and disc compartment, a headrest mount case, remote control, car AND home charger, and it has a port to plug in gaming controllers for the bigger kids.

At first, when I saw this on *Amazon, I thought it was too good to be true. A headrest mount case plus a controller?! Not to mention all the other accessories that come with it. But I read the reviews and I couldn’t find a reason NOT to buy this! So, I waited patiently during the 2-3 days it took to arrive.

I was happily surprised when it came. The dvd player was protected in a bubble sleeve and everything was nicely organized within the box. We kept this sleeve for storage for some added protection.

We took a family trip to the zoo and gave the dvd player a try! We loaded the movie, turned the screen and folded it flat, and installed it in the headrest mount. The headrest mount was easy to install, held tight, and did not loosen or move. It also kept the player out of little hands so nothing was opened or pushed! The remote control worked GREAT! I was able to control the movie from the front safely without having to stop the car and get out to adjust anything. And it was nice not having to use an adaptor to charge it! The car charger cord was long enough to reach the charging port in the back of the car so there were no cords running throughout the car.

All in all, this was a great purchase! If you have kids and your family takes long drives or know someone who is in need of some in-car entertainment; I would highly recommend this portable player! Would make a great gift!!

*commissioned link

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