My Winter Causebox came!

If you are not familiar with Causebox; let me give you a quick introduction! I am an annual member; so I get 4 customizable boxes a year that are filled with high quality products that give back. Each product is ethically made, sustainable sourced, and a big importance to me; cruelty free!

So, now that I filled you in; lets dive into my Winter Box!

As you can see, each box is beautiful from the outside to how it is neatly packaged inside. The artist duo behind the Winter Box is Sacrée Frangine; two friends Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade who have been friends since they were 7 years old! The name Sacrée Frangine captures their relationship while giving a nod to sisterhood, femininity, and the women who inspired them along the way.

I received 6 items in my Winter Causebox.

Thread & Supply Cozy Cloud Wrap: This wrap is so incredibly soft! It is made with 100% recycled polyester and can easily be dressed up or used to get warm on a snuggly night in. Perfect for these cold, winter days we have been having lately!

I am always looking for a way to be more eco friendly in the kitchen. Thanks to Causebox and the Members Only Market, I am slowly able to switch things out! These Reusable Silicone Baking Sheets from Activated Eco are just another way I can limit my paper use. These are 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, and save can save 18 rolls of baking paper or foil a year!

Who here has been suffering from maskne?! I have, especially after a recent trip I took where I literally had to wear a mask 8-10 hours a day! I was excited to see this Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner from SKIN&CO. Made with witch hazel, truffle, and rosemary; this toner cleans and removes bacteria naturally. Vegan and cruelty free and is created with Mediterranean botanical extracts that are sourced in Italy!

Being a mom, coffee is always one of the first things I lean towards when it is an option. When I saw the option to receive the True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish in my box, I did not hesitate to choose it as my customized option! Made with coffee beans, this body polish tightens and gently exfoliates and, thanks to the moringa oil, delays the signs of aging! And it smells AMAZING!

Winter has a major negative impact on my skin; my hands and feet especially! That is why I picked the Peony Foot Masks from Soon Skincare as another option for my box along with the Heathered Slouchy Socks from Maggie’s Organics. The Peony Foot Masks have licorice and ginger root to smooth and “spoil” my feet while helping to restore and nourish my skin which is perfect because “Soon” in Korean means smooth and pure! These masks are also vegan and cruelty free.
Maggie’s Organics is founded by Bena Burda. She believes deeply in honesty and that is why Maggie’s Organics follows “Real Fair Trade” that goes above and beyond any other certifications you find elsewhere. Did you know that cotton is only grown on 3-5% of the world’s farmland and uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of the world’s insecticides?! I had no idea!! This is why products from Maggie’s Organics have been made with organic fibers since 1992. Can’t wait to warm my feet in in these soft yet snug socks!

I also participate in the Eco-Upgrade with each Causebox I receive. Causebox has partnered with Grow Ahead to take responsibility of the company’s carbon footprint. 38 pounds of carbon is produced with each Box shipped!! Through the Eco-Upgrade with Grow Ahead, each box I receive plants a tree; so, through the Annual Membership, I “plant” 4 trees! Each tree cuts about 40lbs of carbon each year!

As it says on the back of my Causebox Good News; Let’s put the kind back in humankind! Thank you for checking in with me and seeing what I received in my Winter Causebox! If you are interested in receiving amazing products like these you can sign up here and receive $10 off a new subscription!

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