Valentine’s Day

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller, Author

When I was younger, I use to put a lot of attention and effort into Valentine’s Day and even Sweetest Day – aka the Hallmark Love holiday as I call it now! Now that I am older, I do not put as much effort/attention into these holidays; maybe a card or something loving on Valentine’s Day but that is about it. I also recently learned that Valentine’s Day has been around since the 14th century! Who knew?!

With my daughter starting school, I was surprised to receive an email stating that the annual Valentine’s Day party would be cancelled this year to help keep things safe in regards to COVID. I did not realize that these types of parties in the younger years was still a thing. I immediately felt sad that my daughter would not be able to have her first experience of the fun of passing out cute, little Valentine’s to her friends but then, immediately after that, I felt relief. I would not have to rush out the week of to gather supplies because I had either forgotten or procrastinated about it until the last minute. I honestly do not think she is aware of any other holiday aside from Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and her birthday!

Because of Valentine’s Day not being a holiday I tend to put my focus and effort into, I do not have a lot of decorations stored to pull out for February. I was putting away my winter decorations the other day because, even with getting our 1st good snow fall recently, I am already over the snowmen and snowflakes around my house. I couldn’t figure out what to do with a tiered tray I had in our main half bath so I took to Pinterest. I mean, who doesn’t right?!
I came across a super cute tray that had rolled towels, a plant, and some pillow like hearts. I immediately knew I could do something like that with Chalk Couture. I got to work.

The You Are transfer is my absolute favorite and I feel it fits my family well. Macaroni and cheese is my daughter’s go to meal – she legit asks for it every day. And coffee; well it is a staple in our household between late nights and early mornings due to being a parent. Those adorable heart cutouts are double sided; so whenever I get bored with the red and peach, I can flip them over for a different color scheme to finish off the month.

This tiered tray is a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day and it only took me 5 minutes to put together – 30 if you count Chalking the sign and hearts! So, when the end of February comes, I will not be cursing myself for going all out and having to take down decorations in every room.

Do you decorate or do anything for Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear what that is if you do!

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