Is it just me or does anyone else feel like winter this season is never ending?! I have been loving the beautiful scenery around my house this season but I am TOTALLY over these winter weather advisories we have been having. From 6-8″ of snow over night one time to below zero temps without the wind chill, I am just over it!

Winter it self is hard but the lack of sun and fresh air doesn’t help my mental health. I try to stay focused and find things that lift my mood. One of those is scratching things off of a list. Thanks to the freezing temperatures forcing me to stay inside, I have been able to cross some things off of my winter to do list. I don’t know about you, but making a list is an essential part of my life; whether it is actually jotting one down on a piece of paper, typing one up on my phone, or making a mental one (not as reliable these days if I am being honest), I always have a list somewhere. I feel like making a list forces me to take action and get things done.

One of the main things on my list was to clean out and organize our pantry. Our pantry consists of 2 large, double door cabinets that have double sided shelves that swing out so I can access the back side. I have tackled my baking and pantry staples cabinet. The next is the breakfast and snack cabinet. Even with being halfway done, I feel so accomplished. In the process of organizing my pantry staples; I wrote down all our spices and made a list on my phone so it is readily available for me when I am looking over a recipe while writing out the grocery list.

The other things on my winter list are bigger items; renovating rooms, painting, growing my businesses, finally decorating our home, and seeing my screen time go down each week. The screen time has been hard but I am working on it.

I will have new lists come spring, summer, and fall with the hope that the things on the previous season’s list do not have to be finished up in the new season.

Do you make lists or have goals to complete during winter? Would love to hear what you are working on so I can cheer you on as you cross those things off of you list(s).

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