Are you a morning person? You would think being a mom I would be a morning person but I am far from it. I would rather stay up late watching TV than be up with the sun. But, with that being said; I would definitely make sure to get up in the early morning to experience a peaceful morning at least once if I was on vacation, or staying in a cabin in the woods with a lake in the back.

Image from VisitSweden.com

I recently learned of the Swedish word Gökotta; “early cuckoo morning” or to wake up early in the morning so you can go outside to hear the first bids singing. On Ascension Day in Sweden, it is a tradition to go out first thing in the morning to hear beautiful cuckoo’s sing and enjoy the fresh, morning air. Having a day for this totally makes sense to me due to the fact that only 1% of waste in Sweden ends up in a landfill! 1%!!! That to me is not only legit mind blowing but amazing! I wish the rest of the world could take time to learn from this beautiful country.

Does gökotta fit you?
Not so much into listening to the birds in the early morning? Then what is your favorite morning routine?!
I know that I am for sure going to wake up on my next trip; wherever it may be, to hear the “early cuckoo morning”!

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