Mother’s Day

I follow Petra K. McEwan, MD* on social media. She shares different advice on motherhood, self care, and marriage. I joined her 7 Day Motherhood Challenge this Mother’s Day. Across the 7 days, she challenged participants to learn something new while taking time to truly focus on their children. Our daughter is 2 and IContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

Earth Day Project

Chalk Couture has ways to live a little greener while crafting! With washable chalk paste, you have a green way to decorate your home! Whenever you’re ready to switch up your home decor, just wipe off your board and start your new project! I found the beautiful, framed board I used for my project atContinue reading “Earth Day Project”

Mama’s Mission

I have always tried to eat healthy and stay active but I never seemed to be able to always stay consistent with both. I would either eat super healthy while watching my intake of junk and fast food or I would be active daily and not always eat right to support my active lifestyle. OnceContinue reading “Mama’s Mission”