My Winter Causebox came!

If you are not familiar with Causebox; let me give you a quick introduction! I am an annual member; so I get 4 customizable boxes a year that are filled with high quality products that give back. Each product is ethically made, sustainable sourced, and a big importance to me; cruelty free!

So, now that I filled you in; lets dive into my Winter Box!

As you can see, each box is beautiful from the outside to how it is neatly packaged inside. The artist duo behind the Winter Box is Sacrée Frangine; two friends Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade who have been friends since they were 7 years old! The name Sacrée Frangine captures their relationship while giving a nod to sisterhood, femininity, and the women who inspired them along the way.

I received 6 items in my Winter Causebox.

Thread & Supply Cozy Cloud Wrap: This wrap is so incredibly soft! It is made with 100% recycled polyester and can easily be dressed up or used to get warm on a snuggly night in. Perfect for these cold, winter days we have been having lately!

I am always looking for a way to be more eco friendly in the kitchen. Thanks to Causebox and the Members Only Market, I am slowly able to switch things out! These Reusable Silicone Baking Sheets from Activated Eco are just another way I can limit my paper use. These are 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, and save can save 18 rolls of baking paper or foil a year!

Who here has been suffering from maskne?! I have, especially after a recent trip I took where I literally had to wear a mask 8-10 hours a day! I was excited to see this Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner from SKIN&CO. Made with witch hazel, truffle, and rosemary; this toner cleans and removes bacteria naturally. Vegan and cruelty free and is created with Mediterranean botanical extracts that are sourced in Italy!

Being a mom, coffee is always one of the first things I lean towards when it is an option. When I saw the option to receive the True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish in my box, I did not hesitate to choose it as my customized option! Made with coffee beans, this body polish tightens and gently exfoliates and, thanks to the moringa oil, delays the signs of aging! And it smells AMAZING!

Winter has a major negative impact on my skin; my hands and feet especially! That is why I picked the Peony Foot Masks from Soon Skincare as another option for my box along with the Heathered Slouchy Socks from Maggie’s Organics. The Peony Foot Masks have licorice and ginger root to smooth and “spoil” my feet while helping to restore and nourish my skin which is perfect because “Soon” in Korean means smooth and pure! These masks are also vegan and cruelty free.
Maggie’s Organics is founded by Bena Burda. She believes deeply in honesty and that is why Maggie’s Organics follows “Real Fair Trade” that goes above and beyond any other certifications you find elsewhere. Did you know that cotton is only grown on 3-5% of the world’s farmland and uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of the world’s insecticides?! I had no idea!! This is why products from Maggie’s Organics have been made with organic fibers since 1992. Can’t wait to warm my feet in in these soft yet snug socks!

I also participate in the Eco-Upgrade with each Causebox I receive. Causebox has partnered with Grow Ahead to take responsibility of the company’s carbon footprint. 38 pounds of carbon is produced with each Box shipped!! Through the Eco-Upgrade with Grow Ahead, each box I receive plants a tree; so, through the Annual Membership, I “plant” 4 trees! Each tree cuts about 40lbs of carbon each year!

As it says on the back of my Causebox Good News; Let’s put the kind back in humankind! Thank you for checking in with me and seeing what I received in my Winter Causebox! If you are interested in receiving amazing products like these you can sign up here and receive $10 off a new subscription!


Dear 2020,

With such a crazy, upside down year; where do I begin? I guess, I will just say thank you.

Thank you for more family time, for the small moments, and for helping us see that those moments are the most important.

Thank you for my husband, Mark, being able to continue work but also for allowing him to be able to from home.

Thank you for our family’s health. Thank you for the health of our family and friends. Thank you for those special moments we got with them this year and for the extra down time we had with our parents.

We have, and we have also seen others, miss out on experiences and memories this past year; but I feel we have gained so much more from everything.

I know not many will be saying Thank You 2020 but as crazy, scary, sad, frustrating, and anxiety filled as it was; I will cherish the memories.

Why Hello!

It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything, I have been busy over here. I had my first ever vendor tent at a local pumpkin farm so I have been preparing for that! Now that the event is over I figured it was a good time to jump back on here and share what I have been creating!!

I jumped right into my holiday stash and I haven’t turned back! I have been having so much fun creating and I am excited to see what else I come up with as the holiday’s get closer.

These Santa Approved sacks have been one of my favorite things I have created! I used these *burlap drawstring bags and I inked on Chalk Couture’s banner refill with Black Velvet, Candy Apple, and Meadow Chalkology Ink with the Santa Approved transfer. I am so excited to have one of these either under our tree or next to our fireplace this season.

These holiday pillows are my other favorite creations! These can be added to anyone’s holiday decoration stash I feel; either paired up or on their own. I created these using the following Chalkology Inks: Shimmer Silver, Candy Apple, Shimmer Gold, and Meadow. Plaid and T’Was the Night are retired transfers from last season but Christmas Sentiments and Joy To The World Hymn are available on my site!

I promise to not take such a LONG break from this blog from now on! So, with that being said be on the look out for more projects and more from me in general!

What is something you would like to see me write about?!

*commissioned link
**you can find all of the available Chalkology Inks here.

Must have for roadtrips!

We are a two vehicle family. Neither one of our vehicles has a built-in dvd player so, because a movie or a favorite show makes road trips a better experience for the whole family, we have been rigging an old portable dvd player to a suitcase, dog cage, or head rest on long road trips. I have looked into headrest mount cases for it, but because it is an older unit, it was too bulky for them. Because of the dvd players age and hassle setting it up in the car, I have been searching and asking mommy friends for recommendations for a new one.

During my searching, I came across this one.

This portable dvd player by Apeman comes with everything you need to have a successful road trip! It has a 10.5″ screen that rotates and folds flat to cover the buttons and disc compartment, a headrest mount case, remote control, car AND home charger, and it has a port to plug in gaming controllers for the bigger kids.

At first, when I saw this on *Amazon, I thought it was too good to be true. A headrest mount case plus a controller?! Not to mention all the other accessories that come with it. But I read the reviews and I couldn’t find a reason NOT to buy this! So, I waited patiently during the 2-3 days it took to arrive.

I was happily surprised when it came. The dvd player was protected in a bubble sleeve and everything was nicely organized within the box. We kept this sleeve for storage for some added protection.

We took a family trip to the zoo and gave the dvd player a try! We loaded the movie, turned the screen and folded it flat, and installed it in the headrest mount. The headrest mount was easy to install, held tight, and did not loosen or move. It also kept the player out of little hands so nothing was opened or pushed! The remote control worked GREAT! I was able to control the movie from the front safely without having to stop the car and get out to adjust anything. And it was nice not having to use an adaptor to charge it! The car charger cord was long enough to reach the charging port in the back of the car so there were no cords running throughout the car.

All in all, this was a great purchase! If you have kids and your family takes long drives or know someone who is in need of some in-car entertainment; I would highly recommend this portable player! Would make a great gift!!

*commissioned link

Fall Causebox

Causebox is committed to supporting small scale makers and artisans in an effort to end poverty while protecting the planet. Causebox is passionate about empowering women and creating opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged populations. This is the main reason I signed up and became an annual member!

The Fall Box is filled with clean beauty standouts and sustainable swaps! I was able to customize 4 out of the 6 sustainable, ethical, and full-size products! This beautifully illustrated box is worth over $250!

My first customized item was a choice between a Waffle Bathrobe or a Waffle Towel Set; both from Bathen. My pick was the Bathrobe in charcoal. This robe is handwoven in Panipat, India and is made from 100% cotton from a Fair Trade market that follows ethical manufacturing practices.

My second customized item was a choice between a Glass Tea and Fruit Tumbler from Tease Tea or a Milky Way Lantern from Artisan Direct. My pick, as you can see in the front right of the picture above, was the Milky Way Lantern from Artisan Direct. This lantern is created by a team that is 100% led by women and was designed especially for Causebox.

My third pick was between Love Scrub by Volim, De-Stress Muscle Gel by Aromatherapy Associates, or Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff by Tribe Alive. I love massages so I went with the De-Stress Muscle Gel by Aromatherapy Associates. It smells amazing and I could smell it before I even opened the box. The oils are hand blended in London using only the purest, most ethically sourced, natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals or unnecessary synthetics; just nature’s finest ingredients!

Did you know that about 1.3 billion makeup remover wipes are thrown away Every. Single. Day?! That is why my fourth customized item was a Set of 10 Reusable Facial Rounds by The Green Co. I use facial rounds for my toner and serums and I have been struggling to find a reusable facial round I like. These I already love! One side is bamboo for exfoliation and the other is super soft cotton! The set came with a laundry bag so I can just toss them in with my laundry. Another way I am going green and trying to be waste free.

The two items that were included in every Fall Box were a Bamboo Serve Set by Core Bamboo and a Brightening Face Serum from Way Of Will.
Did you know that bamboo is grass?! It is harvested and then within a couple years each stalk will have grown back! This Serve Set is made from organically grown and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified bamboo. I am excited to start using this serve set as it is naturally antibacterial and easy to care for by conditioning with mineral oil.
The Face Brightening Serum from Way Of Will harnesses vitamin C and vitamin A to help take my skin care to a new level. It is infused with pure-grade oils and no aluminum, parabens or artificial coloring. I am hopeful this serum will help with my new “maskne” I have started to develop as well as fight signs of aging.

Are you trying to find clean beauty and/or make sustainable swaps? Want to help empower women while making those swaps?! The Fall Box is almost sold out! Reserve Your Box Now and get $10 off! Any questions about the products in my box?! Let me know!

Kid Friendly Halloween Decoration

I have a toddler at home that touches everything! I am always worried that she will hurt herself or break something else when she touches a heavier decoration like a wooden sign. I found these cardboard fabric bolts and knew this was exactly what I needed!

I painted it black using acrylic paint. I used the the Beware transfer, Bright White and Shimmer Olive Chalkology Paste, small squeegee, a mini squeegee, and our fuzzing cloth.

Check out me creating this kid friendly Halloween decoration here!

I am so excited to start decorating for Halloween knowing my daughter will not hurt herself or break something!

Exclusive Club

Chalk Couture offers an exclusive monthly subscription through Club Couture. For just $19.99 US/$26.99 CAD monthly, you’ll receive:

  • One exclusive B-sized Transfer (8 ½”x11”)
  • Three coordinating Paste Singles
  • Access to video and written instructions to make a unique finished project
  • FREE shipping

Being part of Club Couture, you also get access to private sales and special deals throughout the year! When you sign up for an initial *3 month commitment, you will be billed on the 5th of next month and each month thereafter. When you sign up, you can also add two exclusives to your order today:

  • 1. The current month’s Club Couture™ for $19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD (plus shipping, pending availability). This month’s Club Couture is Fall Blessings. You can see my project with it below!
  • 2. A Kickstart Kit at a discount price of $69.99 USD/$96.49 CAD (plus shipping). With a retail value of $76.94 USD/$106.44 CAD, this kit contains everything you need to create projects and it includes: a small squeegee, two Board Erasers, multi-tool, bright white Chalkology™ Paste and two surfaces.

*You can cancel anytime after the 3 months

Have I caught your interest?! I would love for you to sign up for Club Couture and gain access to everything above PLUS my VIP page! Join Club Couture here!

As I mentioned above, this month’s Club Couture is Fall Blessings. I absolutely LOVE this transfer, so many possibilities; but here is one of my takes on it!

I reused this board from last Christmas (measures 18in x 0.6in x 5in), dark brown and off-white paint I had, the Fall Blessings Club Couture transfer, Shimmer Harvest Chalkology Paste, Shimmer Copper Chalkology Paste, Chalkable Chip, Bright White Chalkology Paste, and retired Locally Grown Minis transfer. You can see me giving this board an update here.

I hope everyone is staying safe with our current times, wild fires, hurricanes, and anything else that my be impacting your life. Thank you for following along my crazy, creative mama life!

Hello Fall

Who else is like me and totally over the hot, humid, summer weather? I am so excited to finally enjoy the cooler and the cooler fall temps. Oh, and I am even more excited to start decorating for fall! Thanks to Chalk Couture I can create decor that works perfectly for my house.

I created this fall sign with a 24″ rectangle sign, 3 transfers: Jack-o-Lanterns Transfer, Summer Collapsed into Fall, and Hello Spring because my Hello Autumn transfer has not arrived yet. I used the following Chalkology Pastes: Shimmer Harvest, Pumpkin Pie, and Iced Coffee. Both Pumpkin Pie and Iced Coffee are retired but you can create a similar project using Papaya and Dune.

I am so excited to add this sign to my fall decor collection! You can see me creating it here.

What is your favorite fall decor in your collection?

Trick or Treat

In my opinion, it is never too early to start planning to decorate for Halloween! When the new Catalog released on July 15th, Halloween Phases was among the transfers I knew I had to have! These phrases are adorable and make for simple yet fun Halloween decorations. Plus, I have seen similar signs in stores, so Chalk Couture is right on trend!

I created this using Chalk Couture’s 5X5″ Double Sided Box frame, Halloween Phases transfer, Bright White, Orange Peel, Black Velvet, and Bumble Bee Chalkology pastes , a couple of mini squeegees, and our fuzzing cloth. See me creating this here on my Facebook page.

I am excited to create with the rest of the Halloween Phases to add to my Halloween decor.

Love this transfer and want to add to your Halloween decor collection?! Let me know and I will get you set up to create your own or I can get one sent out to you!


Before the restrictions with COVID and the cleaning products disappearing from the shelves, I never would’ve thought I would subscribe to have cleaning products and household supplies sent to me. I have heard of Grove Collaborative before but it wasn’t until my friend mentioned all the cleaning supplies I couldn’t find that she was able to get. So I joined that night, made my personal selection of items I needed, and my order came within 10 days.

Grove has almost anything you would need from household cleaners, personal care items, products for the kids; even products for your fur babies! My most recent box came last week with some of my favorite go to products, along with some new household products, and I was excited to get a fall scent in my selection.

My go to products that are in my reoccurring order are Method Body, Method Antibac Barthroom Cleaner, Grove Wrinkler Spray, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner, and Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes. The Pure Sense Washing Machine Cleaner and Method Daily Shower Spray are new to cleaning supplies.

My skin is sensitive so finding a body wash is hard for me. I tried Method Body in our old house 2 years ago when we dealt with extremely hard water and it did wonders for my skin. I have continued to use it since we moved and Simply Nourish is my favorite scent with the subtle coconut.
When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, well, I hate it! Some cleaners require you to spray, wipe, and then finish with a rinse! Method AntiBac Bathroom Cleaner is my go to bathroom cleaner because it only has 2 steps; spray and wipe! I use it on the counters, sinks, and I spray it in the shower and tub before wiping them down. Cuts the time it used to take me to clean the bathroom in half!

When it comes to laundry, I am good at the washing and drying but, when it comes to putting it away, well let me get back to you on that in a few days. Grove Wrinkle Releaser Spray is amazing and helps me out more than I would like to admit. I spray a shirt I want to wear that sat in the hamper waiting to be put away for a few days, then put in the dryer for a few minutes and the wrinkles are gone! Plus, my shirt has a fresh lavender and rosemary scent.
I wipe my counters down, at minimum, 3 times a day after each meal. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner is what I use. It does not leave streaks and it leaves my kitchen smelling amazing instead of the cleaning chemical smell. My go to scent, that I usually have come in my box is the Lavender, but I switched it up for the fall season.

I have not been able to find disinfecting wipes in store since February! I was surprised to see that these Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes were available! I use them around the house and I use them for my Chalk Couture tools and transfers. They are durable and each wipe lasts a long time! The scent is not over powering and the fresh lemongrass citrus is sooo much better than any chemical smell you might get from other wipes.

These 2 products are new to my cleaning supplies. As I mentioned before, I hate cleaning the bathroom. When I saw this Method Daily Shower Spray I knew I had to get it to try. It is so simple to use. Shower then spray the shower down and you are done! It smells amazing and it keeps our glass shower door free from water spots.
Growing up, we had top loader wash machines so it was easy to keep them dried out and order free. The last 5 years we have had front loaders. It is an adjustment but I was looking for a way to keep it clean without having to remember to throw in a cleaning tablet once a month. I have been using Pure Sense Washing Machine Cleaner for a week now and I have noticed a huge difference! I followed the directions and cleaned my washer with it then sprayed down after each load. No musty smells and the washing drum seems shinier too!

I will continue to share new products I get in my Grove Collaborative boxes and I would recommend Grove to anyone looking to take the hassle out of getting cleaning supplies! The extra selection of products are bonuses!

Are you in the same boat I was in and are struggling to find cleaning supplies still? Join Grove and receive a free Gift Set with your 1st purchase! Join here and when you do share what products you picked!