Earth Day Project

Chalk Couture has ways to live a little greener while crafting!

With washable chalk paste, you have a green way to decorate your home! Whenever you’re ready to switch up your home decor, just wipe off your board and start your new project!

I found the beautiful, framed board I used for my project at a garage sale. It was perfect for an Earth Day project because I was able to clean up the board a bit and repurpose it to create decor for my daughter’s room.

I am still trying to figure out how we want to decorate our new house. For my daughter’s room, I want to keep it simple without going too overboard with a specific theme as I do not want to have to change it too much as she grows.

Today I am using the You Are Awesome transfer along with some Bright White Chalkology Paste. This transfer is from the new Celebration’s Suite released last week and when I saw it I KNEW I had to have it for my daughter’s room. I originally was going to put it right onto the wall until I remembered I had the beautiful frame it would be perfect for.

Check out the video below to see how I made this beautiful, simply stated project.

What day is it?!

I am seriously starting to not know what day it is these days. Being a stay at home mom, I was only able to know what day it was based on the scheduled activities we had for my daughter. But, now, with those activities cancelled, I only know it is a week day because my husband is gone at work.

We are all living through the same thing these days with the COVID-19 pandemic but we are not going through it the same way. Some of us are essential and still working like any other day while others have either adjusted to working at home or not working at all. Whatever your situation, it is hard to not compare your experience with those of others. I personally have caught myself comparing my response to everything to those of others.

When the announcement of shelter in place was made for my state -Illinois- I was overwhelmed, unsure, and worried for how this would affect my young daughter and my family. I went and stood in long line at the grocery store to ensure my family had groceries for the next month and then did not step foot into a store for the next 3 weeks. I read almost every news article that came across my phone and tried to stay up to date on everything. It was after we were 2 weeks into our shelter in place that I noticed I was not sleeping well, I was having higher anxiety than normal, and I was questioning a lot of what people where sharing on social media.

I began to adapt my daily routine. I would check the news once in the morning for any major updates that could have changes for my family and then I did not check anything else COVID related the rest of the day unless the Governor was making an update on the shelter in place. I noticed a decrease in my anxiety and I stopped following certain people on social media because they would have me questioning everything.

And it was then that I realized how resilient in our own ways we all have come during all this and that there is no right way to be responding to this aside from following what the CDC recommends. I have given myself credit for realizing I needed to step back from those I unfollowed on social media for my own mental health and I have realized that I am not the only one who struggles to know what day it is these days.

Mama’s Mission

I have always tried to eat healthy and stay active but I never seemed to be able to always stay consistent with both. I would either eat super healthy while watching my intake of junk and fast food or I would be active daily and not always eat right to support my active lifestyle. Once I became a mom I knew I had to focus on both of these together to be the best I could be for my daughter. I started spending more time in the produce section when shopping and started to meal plan more dinners at home than eating out. Now, I am not saying eating out is not healthy BUT, when we eat out we always tend to indulge and go outside of our healthy eating.

Flash back 3 years ago. I had a conversation with a family friend regarding how I felt when I took vitamins – nauseous if I didn’t take them right after eating but otherwise did not really feel a difference if I took them consistently or not – and how I was trying to eat better but felt like it was always a struggle. She shared information about JuicePlus, their 30+ Clinical Research studies that have been done that show the benefits of taking JuicePlus in some form, and her personal experience with the products. I ordered that night and I started making morning shakes with JuicePlus Complete to get those nutrients and protein I was missing from whole foods.

Once I started a consistent routine of having a Complete shake daily, I started to notice a difference in how I felt. My energy was up and I noticed how I started craving certain foods over others. Less junk food was being eaten and more whole food snacks were been chosen instead.

Fast forward a year. My life was busy. I was a new mom, and I was adjusting to not working for the first time since I was 16. Now, these shakes are beyond easy to make – throw one scoop of the Complete into a blender with a frozen banana and my favorite almond/coconut milk, mix, and then drink. Super easy right?! Even with how easy they are to make I started slacking on taking my shakes and I eventually just stopped making them altogether.

My friend didn’t push or force different products on me but I continued to follow her business and would make a Complete shake here and there when I saw a new recipe that sparked my eye. But, after a year, I realized I needed to be putting more whole foods into my body than I was so I reached out and started taking the Capsules and I have been for the last year. Every time I take my capsules I am putting 20 different fruits and vegetables into my body (see image below) and my body is thanking me. My energy is up, I am not as sick as the rest of my family or friends when they catch something or I do not get sick at all. I notice a difference in how I feel if I miss a couple days of not taking my Capsules but nothing like I felt when I was taking those other vitamins. My daughter also gets the benefits of the capsules when I mix the blend into her oatmeal or yogurt.

Because of my experience with JuicePlus, I decided to join and share all the whole food benefits JuicePlus offers, and help people FUEL their bodies for the health, healing, vitality & the FUTURE they ask of that body they live in! I help people with education and coaching along with connecting them to raw, vine ripened, pesticide, herbicide and GERM FREE whole foods in a capsule, Gummie, or smoothie. I am loving having healthier and happier people around me!

THAT is why I am a Creative Mama on a Mission! It is what I do and why I recommend JuicePlus! Can you relate to any part of this?! Want to know more? Reach out, I love sharing my story and the now 40+ clinical studies that back JuicePlus!

Creative Side

I have always loved crafting from DIY projects to step by step projects either at home or at an art studio. I own a Cricut and I love making gifts or home decor using my machine. My Cricut was my go to when I wanted to create. Then, a friend on Facebook shared a project she made using Chalk Couture. I was sold with her project and made my 1st purchase of the Donut Give Up transfer and a couple paste colors.

At this point, all I knew was I was very intrigued about this company and it’s products. I did some research, asked my friend a ton of questions, and watched a few more of her demos. I then took the step in January of 2019 and became a Designer with Chalk Couture.

Since taking that step I have found the craft/activity I never knew I was missing. Chalk Couture has everything you need to create beautiful DIY home decor, gifts, or anything else you can find to decorate. I have decorated anything you can think of from my dishwasher for the holidays to a framed chalkboard with a motivational saying!

Chalk Couture is my me time, the thing I turn to while I am overwhelmed or anxious. It allows me to be creative and make what comes to my head or I can create the project Chalk Couture has on display in the catalog. Either direction I take, I come out of my me time happy with my project and ready to finish the day ahead.

This is my first post about Chalk Couture and it for sure will not be my only one. I hope you enjoy my future projects and join me on my Facebook business page for some live demo’s (the picture above will bring you there)

The Mama behind Creative Mama With a Mission

I am Anna, and I am the mama behind Creative Mama with a Mission.
As of this post, I am a mom to 1 beautiful girl and I have been married for almost 2 years. Along with being the CEO of our house as a SAHM, I am also a designer with a DIY Home Decor Company; Chalk Couture and a JuicePlus Representative.

Social media and I have had a rough relationship in the past. I love the ability to connect with people and to share anything and everything with them but that, at times for me, it can cause some mental anguish. I have sense learned to limit who I follow and what I share….but I always wanted a way to be able to share what I love and my passion behind it. Thus Creative Mama With a Mission was born.

For years I never thought I would have my own blog. But, having followed and learned from other teammates, I started to see this new opportunity for me as I have always been more open when it comes to sharing my thoughts through pen and paper – or keyboard and screen- than I have face to face.

I hope you’ll stick around for more of what’s to come, and check back often. This site will be the hub of getting to know me, and what I love most – crafting, creating, and helping my family and friends live a healthier life.